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Gobardanga Khantura High School of today, an educational institution of glorious heritage and hallowed memories had its historic beginning dating back to 1856 at a village named Gobardanga which too was very culturally advanced in the yesteryears. It would be no exaggeration to say that the school, through the ages, stands out amid sylvan environs epitomizing "Truth, Love and Sanctity"; having been a silent witness to a great many upheavals. The eventful annals of the school and the vicissitudes of history that the locality had to pass through, speak volumes for the fact both this school and this village had been a pioneer in the field of Bengal's cultural reawakening and educational advancement. In the pages of history, therefore, Gobardanga occupies a place of pride having always attained the illuminating patronage of the Prasanna Zaminder families and that of the Tambuli Merchants as well. Founded in 1856, by the Zaminder Babu Sarada Prasanna Mukherjee, The Gobardanga High English School bears testimony to the creative ventures of our masterminds of the mid-19th century, whose scholarship and benevolence was awe-inspiring and exemplary. Their reformatory zeal and love for the oriental and occidental culture accelerated the progress of the locality. The landmark that deserves the recording is the historic fact that Srish Chandra Vidyaratna, a resident of Khantura and an ardent follower of Pandit Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar, married Kalimati, a widow, on the 7th of December, 1856. The first chairman of Gobardanga Municipality Srish Chandra Vidyaratna took initiatives to establish the Gobardanga Railway Station in 1885 and also to initiate English Teaching at Khantura Anglo Bengali Vidyalaya. Vidyasagar, the doyen of Modern Education System, was himself present on the occasion of the foundation ceremony of Gobardanga English High School. For us all, it is a part of modest pride and momentous dimension that the school was founded one year before the foundation of Calcutta University by Zaminder Sarada Prasanna Mukherjee, on the 14th day of January, 1856.

The School would remember all those noble souls whose constant support and selfless sacrifice kindled innumerable minds. We deeply acknowledge the contribution of those dedicated souls viz. Dharanidhar Banerjee, Hiranmoy Banerjee ICS, the architect of Rabindra Bharati University, Keshab Chandra Sen who came here in 1878 on being invited by Kshetramohan Dutta, Bipin Behari Chakraborty, Durga Charan Rakshit, Ratneswar Pandey, Binodini Dasi whose munificence and pivotal role in the promotion of women education and in the foundation of Khantura Banga Vidyalaya, Pramathanath Basu – the renowned geologist, Suresh Chandra Mitra, Kumud Behari Roy, Probodh Chandra Mitra, Debendranath Dutta, Siddheswar Dutta, Prabhabati Devi Saraswati, Kshetramohan Banerjee and many others whose contribution enriched our educational and cultural heritage both.

The GKHS of today had its origin right after the amalgamation of Gobardanga High English School with Khantura Middle English School in 1935. From that golden period onwards, the Headmasters who were at the helm were Hemnath Banerjee, Ramkrishna Dasgupta, Manmathanath Chakraborty. We still remember the baritone voice of legendary Bankim Vehari Banerjee who hailed from the then East Bengal in 1942 to take over the charges with stern hand. Having a soft corner for all the educands B.V.B. was a personality with a difference. So is true also regarding Bhabaranjan Majumder whose sweet personality won him awe and veneration of all. We must remember Mr. Himangshu Mitra and Mr. Biswanath Pal whose scholarship as a teacher of Chemistry commanded regards and admiration. The present Headmaster Mr. Pradip Kumar Kundu, an eminent teacher of Physics and a man of unputdownable spirit has been steering the School's progress. Truly enough all the teachers, both past and present, played and have been playing their respective roles of paramount importance.

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