What’s the difference between Tritype® and Tri-enhance |

What’s the difference between Tritype® and Tri-enhance

What’s <a href="https://datingranking.net/de/bart-dating/">Bart Singles Dating-Seite</a> the difference between Tritype® and Tri-enhance

Tritype® theory was created of the consequence of the analysis attained out of Katherine Fauvre’s initially explorations to your instinctual subtype, key concerns, self-image, language, spirituality, closeness, and you can few-connection away from 1994-1998. Shortly after the lady research of one’s Enneastyle Questionnaire (EQ) solutions from this lady first research study on Instinctive Subtypes and you may Enneastyle-the 9 Languages away from Enneagram Style of, and you will Enneastyle dos – upcoming afterwards into the ripoff sample– additionally the Enneagram Tritype® Sample, Katherine continuously noticed that individuals with an identical Enneagram types revealed themselves likewise. They as well as utilized the same or similar lexicon to speak the inner states, self-image, and you can desire steps. Around enjoys as been countless research victims next verifying the lady initial results.

Shortly after Katherine Fauvre turned used to the brand new correspondence styles and you will keyword accessibility each type, she together with began to find several other development growing in her own browse. Katherine claims that each individual expresses himself otherwise by herself using the language combinations that will be type of on the three various types that collaborate to create the Tritype®.

Another development she realized that seems as equally tall and maybe more significant is the fact each kind uses the fresh new safeguards means of one method of out-of for each and every triad or cardiovascular system of cleverness. Katherine to start with named this type of important conclusions a person’s 3Types otherwise TriCenter.

Research shown by making use of the Enneastyle Questionnaire (EQ), Enneacards test outcomes (calculating an individual’s dominating identification style of, and you will Tritype®), and you will followup interview, one to Enneagram Tritype® is actually part of Enneagram Concept, just like the one or two help products is portrayed and you may apparent throughout the forms as a result of participants’ vocabulary and thinking-conception meanings.

You to extra part interesting is that people who have this new 369, 147, and you can 852 Tritypes® expected more time understand the new dictate of all about three types within their word solutions, anxieties, inquiries, idealized pictures, and you may presents. It is because it currently approved the way on sizes in their traces out-of commitment each other absolutely and you can negatively.

So after the fresh new demonstration, Katherine questioned the newest Arican professor throughout the tri-boost

For the November off 1996, Katherine Fauvre fulfilled a teacher regarding Arica Institute, Oscar Ichazo’s school. If you find yourself training a preliminary morning course into the Ichazo’s Psychocalisthenics to the Northern California Chapter of your Around the globe Enneagram Connection, this new Arican professor referenced Ichazo’s tri-enhance.

This stuck Katherine Fauvre’s attention as Katherine had see a paragraph on Ichazo’s tri-enhance on the Month-to-month written by Jack Labanauskas and you will Andrea Issacs.

The thing that was of great interest is that Ichazo got extra the idea regarding “tri-fix” pursuing the initial dissemination of your Enneagram and this is along with according to a theory that people have fun with three fixations, you to out of for every triad.

Katherine Fauvre’s idea from 3Types, hence she after called Tritype®, was predicated on the same theory that folks explore three models (in place of fixation merely), you to definitely off for each and every focal point. Which verified that their discovering that somebody explore three products, not merely one, had also been located of the Oscar Ichazo, new founder of your own Enneagram regarding Personality.

While the Ichazo extra “tri-fix” circa 1996, it wasn’t part of the original dissemination of one’s Enneagram inside the 1970, nor was just about it part of Dr. Claudio Naranjo’s Enneagram lessons in his Seekers Shortly after Realities teams (SAT) of 1971-1973.

This is important since these discoveries came into being independent out-of knowledge of you to definitely another’s performs

Tritype® and you can tri-augment are two concepts you to express a significant similarity. Each other “Tritype®” and you may “tri-fix” realize that some body use all the about three locations. Ichazo came to realize that individuals explore a fixation regarding for each and every instinctual triad; Katherine Fauvre discover, if you are conducting the girl for the-depth query process that have lookup players, that people use the complete Enneagram sort of out of per heart of cleverness. With her, they confirm that individuals haven’t just step 1, but step 3 Enneagram Products.