The initial look of the latest enneagram which had been usually noted is within the theories from Georges I |

The initial look of the latest enneagram which had been usually noted is within the theories from Georges I

The initial look of the latest enneagram which had been usually noted is within the theories from Georges I

Gurdjieff (ca. 1870-1949), which happen to be filed regarding instructions out of his student Piotr D. Ouspensky. The original noted correlation of the nine points on the enneagram so you’re able to 9 identity types is within the training of Oscar Ichazo (b.1931). While you are Gurdjieff thought this new enneagram so you can contain the the answer to studies of all the that is from the cosmos, it absolutely was Ichazo regarding the sixties exactly who very first set-up a theory out-of 9 personality sizes corresponding to new 9 situations of one’s enneagram.

Extremely enneagram teachers, however, assert that it’s a great deal more ancient than simply Gurdjieff or Ichazo, even in the event they don’t really agree with the appropriate root and supply zero strong historic proof for their various ideas. Gurdjieff provided his college students to think you to definitely knowledge of the latest enneagram has been handed down during the magic in this sectors based on mystic insights, maybe for hundreds of years, regardless if he plainly never ever divulged of which category the guy purportedly read it. Of many enneagram educators accept that the guy learned the fresh new enneagram out-of Sufi mystics, even though in the claiming that it they do not indicate so you’re able to reject that the enneagram might be more mature, because Sufis themselves are respected to take and pass down kinds of insights which might be avove the age of their school.

Even though they know which it argue that having less tangible evidence stems from the reality that the fresh new enneagram are mystical philosophy, never generated personal, but passed when you look at the secret entirely of the oral lifestyle to choose college students

Again, not, enneagram advocates haven’t produced people good historic research to establish these says. step 3 Pertaining to the latest possible preexistence of enneagram just before the brand new lessons from Gurdjieff, really the only pointers one to historic search already provides would be the fact that decimal point and zero weren’t utilized by mathematicians up to towards fourteenth 100 years. As the the new numerology on which the fresh enneagram depends would depend on decimal part, it is hard to put the origin of enneagram just before one to big date. cuatro

Others demand that enneagram has its own origins throughout the numerological speculations of Pythagoreans and/or old facts of your own Chaldeans

Georges I. Gurdjieff are a good Greek-Western who was created up to 1870 as to what grew to become the brand new Republic of Georgia. Unsatisfied for the Orthodox trust and then he ended up being increased, as an early on man the guy turned into attracted to several types of supernatural phenomena, plus communicating the fresh inactive, miracle, fortune-informing, and you may secret societies possessing higher studies. 5 The guy account this particular seek esoteric studies provided him to examine various religions and you will possibilities out of old knowledge and to travelling owing to many places looking they: main Asia, Tibet, India, and you may Egypt, like the urban centers of Mecca, Medina, and Bokhara (Uzbekistan), a middle out-of Islamic mystical schools. The guy says one at one point in his excursion he gained admittance so you can a low profile monastery regarding a secret neighborhood that was situated for the Babylon throughout the 2500 B.C., the fresh Sarmoung Brotherhood (otherwise “Samouni Brotherhood”). six According to tale related of the Gurdjieff, the guy and you will a partner was in fact led blindfolded into the a several-go out travels out-of Bokhara into the miracle Sarmoung monastery, where the guy learned mystical knowledge, plus sacred dancing. 7 Gurdjieff establish his very own synthesis out of records taken from the certain sources the guy discovered in his travel and also in his degree and you can began exercises their doctrines inside the Russia and Western European countries, because of the 1922 sooner or later paying down inside Paris, in which the guy taught “mystical Christianity.” 8

Even though he did not are the enneagram in just about any of their authored blog, Gurdjieff’s youngsters report that the guy t is symbolic of brand new cosmos, nine a great “common symbol,” 10 for example a way to obtain information about the fresh new cosmos while the of analytical regulations it signifies.