Gray explains his reason for suicide to Juvia, wherein Juvia expresses joy at his words before the two collapse |

Gray explains his reason for suicide to Juvia, wherein Juvia expresses joy at his words before the two collapse

Gray explains his reason for suicide to Juvia, wherein Juvia expresses joy at his words before the two collapse

As they move forward, Gray, Natsu, Lucy, Juvia and Happy encounter more soldiers, but find that it has become incredulously cold in a short amount of time. Gray is blamed by Natsu for the cold, but even in spite of Natsu utilizing his fire, everyone except Gray is frozen solid by the arriving Invel. Then, as he holds his freezing wounds, Gray shockingly remarks that Invel is actually making him feel like he’s going to freeze. [487]

Gray immediately blocks Invel’s incoming attack and launches one of his own, however, Invel easily halts it and reveals himself to be a pure Ice Mage: one who only freezes rather than creates; as such, he freezes and shatters Gray’s Ice-Make. In response, Gray makes use of his Ice Devil Slayer Magic, which takes Invel by surprise and allows Gray to wound him, but the second strike with his long sword is parried, after which Gray is caught in Invel’s created blizzard, which is so cold that he admits it could freeze him. Gray then listens as Invel explains that Gray has darkness inside his heart, and that it allows him to be able to stand alongside the Spriggan 12 and other users of Black Magic. Gray, however, says that he was never a good person to begin with, and that he’d become anything to save his guild, which earn him praise from Natsu, who breaks himself and the others free from Invel’s ice. At that moment, Brandish arrives and takes Natsu, Lucy and payday loans OR Happy away from the battle; Gray’s distracted demeanor is used against him by Invel, who uses his Ice Lock to bind him and Juvia together and force Gray to kill her in order to awaken his darkness. [488]

Noticing that Invel is the cause of this, Gray targets him, but is attacked and partially frozen by the Winter General

Reluctantly, Gray fights Juvia and quickly overwhelms her; however, in an attempt to stop himself from harming her, he impales himself, only to express shock that Juvia did the same thing as him. The dying Gray is saved by Juvia, who performs a blood transfusion with her remaining strength, explaining to him that she learned this to protect him in the event of a catastrophe. Hearing this, Gray breaks down and bargains with her to stay alive, but Juvia instead opts to say goodbye to Gray, claiming that her life will always belong to him. Breaking down, Gray holds her body in his arms and cries out as he remembers all the special moments they shared together, promising that he’ll take her feelings more seriously if she opens her eyes. [489]

A bit later, a livid Gray approaches Invel (who left the scene) to exact vengeance

The seething Gray immediately attacks, and overwhelms, Invel, forcing the man to unleash his ultimate True-Ice Kamui, which freezes anything and everything it touches. Gray clashes head-on with the might of the spell and is nearly frozen solid, but manages to mold Invel’s ice and use it against him, shattering the True-Ice Kamui before soundly defeating the Winter General with Ice Devil’s Zeroth Destruction Fist as payback for his stealing of Juvia’s future. [490] Gray then stands over his foe and resolves to leave him alone, as brutalizing him won’t bring Juvia back. However, Invel taunts Gray about his misfortunes, stating that as long as E.N.D. lives, Gray will be forced to endure more and more of them; Gray says that he will, without doubt, defeat E.N.D., but Invel says that Gray is the only one who possibly could, revealing to the horrified Devil Slayer that his close friend Natsu Dragneel is E.N.D. [491] After this, Gray learns from Invel that the Demons of Zeref’s books have an inborn desire to kill Zeref stemming from being created to kill Zeref himself, and that Natsu is the strongest creation and Zeref’s very own brother. [492]